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Whatever It Takes and Then Some August 2017 Winners

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Deborah Perry, certified nursing assistant at Life Care Center of Sarasota, Florida, stepped in to help a new short-term patient who was feeling down about coming to a nursing home the day before her birthday. Other associates tried to comfort the resident, but to no avail....

Life Care Center of Sarasota associate reconnects with company VP

Minnie Pelea, nurse liaison at Life Care Center of Sarasota, with Mark Davis, vice president of Eastern Operations

One day this spring, Nina Willingham, senior executive director at Life Care Center of Sarasota, Florida, informed Minnie Pelea, nurse liaison, that the facility was going to be visited by Life Care’s new vice president of Eastern Operations, Mark Davis.

The name jogged memories for Pelea....

Whatever It Takes And Then Some – March 2016 winners

Nancy Evans, licensed practical nurse at Life Care Center of Sarasota, Florida, kept in touch with a resident’s wife when the wife had to travel out of town for a week for their son’s funeral. Evans called her each night from her own cell phone to give her an update on her husband and then gave the phone to the resident so he could talk to his wife.

Cuban immigrant loves nursing career at Life Care Center of Sarasota

Yamile Alvarez, admissions assistant

Yamile Alvarez was once a new immigrant, learning to adapt to American culture.

Now, she helps other people adapt to their own new environment – not in a new country but in a skilled nursing and rehab center.

Alvarez was working as an accountant at a hotel in Cuba when her life changed forever.